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How to Choose the Best Hot Tool for YOU!

Whether you're a styling novice or someone who loves trying out different looks frequently, investing in high-quality hot tools is essential for achieving the perfect hairstyle. With HELLA options out there, and even more opinions, it can be overwhelming to choose the right tools for your needs!

In this post, I'm going to fill you in on the key factors to consider when purchasing hot tools for home hair styling, so you don't end up with buyers' remorse and a hot tool graveyard under your bathroom sink.



One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing hot tools is the heat settings and temperature control they offer. Different hair types require varying levels of heat to achieve optimal styling results without causing damage. Look for tools with a wide temperature range, so you can customize it to fit your hair. If any tool doesn't give you the ability to control the heat settings in some way, I say don't even bother. You'll end up burning your hair, even with a heat protectant.


Next, think about what types of styles you're looking to create. Loose curls? Sleek and straight? Just want some body and a little bend? Here are my recommendations, listed from Easiest to use, to More Advanced:

Flat Irons:

Ideal for creating smooth, straight hair. Smaller plates (I personally use a 1" width flat iron) can also be used to make curls, waves, and light bends in the hair. Easy to get the hang of, and very versatile!


I LOVE a wand! You hold it, wrap your hair around it, wait a few seconds, and you're done! Positioning can be a little tricky, and watch out for your fingers, but it's a great tool if you love beachy, undone styles!

Curling Irons:

Perfect for curls, hence the name, but not much else. Smaller barrel sizes will give you tighter curls, larger barrels will give you loose curls, or waves.

The most common curling iron is a "spring clamp"; the kind that you press the little clamp down with your thumb and pinch the hair between the clamp and the iron rod itself.

This is what I consider to be an intermediate tool, as it's a little more difficult to control than a flat iron.

Hot Brushes:

A round brush and blow dryer in one, this tool is fabulous for straightening and smoothing while building volume and body! You'll need a bit of practice to not get tangled, but it's quick and easy after that!

This is one that is very very important to check for temperature control options!! More often than not, it will give you different "levels" to choose from; Low, Medium, or High; and sometimes this means Air AND Heat, but sometimes it doesn't! Double check before you buy!

Hot Rollers:

I know this seems a little old fashioned, but isn't that in right now?

A versatile option for creating voluminous curls or waves, especially for those who want longer-lasting styles. Definitely more of a difficult method to use, but practice makes progress!


The material of the hot tool makes a huge difference in the performance and impact on your hair. Titanium and ceramic materials are most widely used and are both known for their ability to distribute heat evenly, but they do have some differences! Titanium heats up quickly and maintains high heat, making it suitable for coarse or hard-to-style hair, whereas Ceramic is gentler on hair and provides consistent heat. Nowadays, you can even find irons with a Tourmaline coating, which emits negative ions that reduce frizz and add shine.


Safety first, as they say! Look for tools with features like automatic shut-off after a certain period of time, tools that include heat-resistant gloves or fingertip covers that can prevent burns while styling, and swivel cords that ensure easy maneuverability and prevent tangling! But you can also purchase heat-resistant gloves separately, so this one point may not be a huge deal to some people.


What are people saying about this product/brand? Not just the professionals, what are the consumers and average non-beauty-related folks saying? If some world-renowned stylist says this thing is the bee's knees, but I find it annoying and complicated to use at home, their endorsement won't be relevant to my needs!

Equally important, researching the brand's reputation and ethics. These days, people are all about knowing who we support and what they stand for. If that doesn't matter to you, then don't even worry about it! But still look into those product reviews, and pay attention to the average rating, not just the 1 and 5 stars!


Having an iron completely crap out on you after only two weeks of having it would totally suck, so it's best to check in and make sure that it's got a warranty, just in case. Going through all those little booklets and papers, registering the item online, etc. seems like a pain in the ass, but it could save you money later when they send you a new replacement item instead of you just having to go out and start your search all over again!


And that's it for now!

Investing in the right hot tools for hair styling is the first step to recreating salon-quality looks at home, while still keeping your hair healthy. By considering all of these factors, you can make a more informed decision that suits your hair type, style preferences, and skill level. Remember, practice makes progress, don't be too hard on yourself, and as always, have fun!!


xo Cierra

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